Alternative Approaches

Certified through ACE massage cupping program, I offer dynamic techniques using a variety of cup types and sizes to assist with inflammation, limited mobility and general muscle pain. These techniques are especially great for IT band tightness, chronic neck and upper back tension, and many types of scars. Another benefit involves increased absorption of topical salves and creams after cupping. Recent literature has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory effects with the use of CBD cream and oils without the added GI risks associated with anti-inflammatory OTC medications.

What to Expect

Mechanical suction cups, silicone cups and magnetic cups are utilized in many different ways to help clear stagnation, relieve inflammation, improve myofascial and scar mobility and calm the nervous system. When performing static placement, a "cup kiss" can be left behind, which is not a bruise but cellular debris being pulled to the surface. This is then removed via the venous system, lymphatic system, liver and kidneys. The discoloration may last 7-10 days, although that is not the goal.

Please come prepared by drinking plenty of water and considering events taking place where "cup kisses" may be seen.